Cape Cod Henna
Natural, temporary body art 

 *NEWS!!*Healing Henna Crowns*  Cape Cod Henna is gifting Henna Crowns for Cancer Patients. If you have a friend or family member receiving chemo and is beautifully bald as a result, consider a fantastically artful Healing Henna Crown. This is a free service, all I ask is that you bring your crown to me. A private appointment will be arragned. All are welcome. To learn more about healing henna crowns, take a minute to read this article http://todayhealth.today.com/_news/2012/05/24/11747097-after-chemo-hair-loss-henna-crowns-help-heal?

Moving into a new year, 2016 promises to be busier than ever! The coming months offer time to re-work the design books, bringing you a huge selection of new designs to choose from. Now booking birthday parties, private appointments, henna crowns and a string of Cape-wide summer fairs and festivals. 

Also announcing the opening of the Cape Cod Henna Studio in the early summer 2015! 

2016 Schedule of Awesome Events is now posted on the next page. Live music & dance, fireworks, great food trucks and a Block Party!

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